Getting Your First Job by Karen Bannister

Getting Your First Job

From the KKB Soft Skills Academy®
Part of the the Life Skills Series
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With today’s work requirements and needs, soft skills are lacking in many applicants. High school students are in a precarious position of being at a disadvantage when it comes time to look for their first job or even being prepared to venture off to college.

Getting Your First Job, a section of the Life Skills Series of the KKB Soft Skills Academy®, creates a safe and fun environment where students will learn, practice, and reinforce what they learn. They will focus on communications, interview skills, office/work etiquette, time management, problem solving, and ethics. 

Getting Your First Job

This class, Getting Your First Job, as a part of the Life Skills Series of the KKB Soft Skills Academy®, provides the student with the thought process to determine if working is right for them, what job to pursue, the mechanics of learning how to find and apply for a job, how to perform well in an interview, and how to succeed once a job is found.

What's included?


Workbook, References, and Templates
Getting Your First Job Workbook.pdf
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Getting Your First Job - References.pdf
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Template_Cover Letter_KKB Soft Skills Academy.docx
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Template_Resume_KKB Soft Skills Academy.docx
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Section 1 - Introduction, The Course, & Learning Objectives
Section 1 Video - Introduction, The Course, and Learning Objectives.mp4
13 mins
Section 2 - Working as a Teen or Young Adult
Section 2 Video- Working as a Teen or Young Adult.mp4
10 mins
Section 3 - Building Your Professional Profile
Section 3 Video - Building Your Professional Profile.mp4
29 mins
Section 4 - The Application Process
Section 4 Video - The Application Process.mp4
32 mins
Section 5 - The Interview
Section 5 Video - The Interview.mp4
13 mins
Section 6 - You Got the Job...Now What?
Section 6 Video - You Got the Job...Now What.mp4
16 mins
Section 7 - Future Benefits
Section 7 Video - Future Benefits.mp4
5 mins
Closing Information
Closing Information_Getting your first job.pdf
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Course Section Descriptions

Section 1 - Introduction, The Course, & Learning Objectives
In this Introductory section, you will meet your instructor, become clear on your learning objectives, and learn about resources from the US Department of Labor.

Section 2 - Working as a Teen or Young Adult

In Section 2, the student will become acquainted with the benefits and risks of working as a teenager, which skills you already have and which can be developed, clarify your goals, and how to build a resume and LinkedIn profile.

Section 3 - Building Your Professional Profile

Section 3 includes resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, the job search and application processes, and steps to prepare for an interview.

Section 4 - The Application Process

In Section 4, the student will make a plan for sourcing a job, learn about the application process, learn the ABCDE's of Personal Image, and submit their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for review.

Section 5 - The Interview

In Section 5, the student will learn how to search for a job on-line and experience an interview via Zoom with Karen.

Section 6 - You Got the Job...Now What?

Section 6 introduces the student to new hire paperwork and processes, and discusses the expectations of both the employer and employee.

Section 7 - Future Benefits

In this final section, Karen discusses the benefits that work experience brings to college and for entering the adult workforce.

Meet Karen

**Executive and Leadership Coach | Image and Commanding Presence Consultant | Author | Educator and Trainer | Creator of KKB Soft Skills Academy**

I'm more than my titles...I am passionate about helping you reach your goals by expanding your knowledge. I believe continuous learning is the path to growth and happiness.


How long is the course?

The course is self-paced, so the student can take as long as needed. 

What if we have questions after finishing the course?

The course includes participation in a private Facebook group for all students AND 3 months of access to Karen via Zoom and email.

Do you provide Career Coaching?

I am an Executive Leadership and Presence Coach and Image Consultant, so I can work with you on pushing through your limiting beliefs and attaining goals.

Do you only coach youths or do you work with adults?

This course is for high-school or college-age students, but I primarily work with professionals looking to make some sort of change or transition in their lives.

What other services do you provide?

I am an Executive Leadership and Presence Coach, and Personal Brand Image Consultant, and do offer several other services and training programs. Please my website for additional information -, or click the link at the top of this page.

Do you guarantee that I will find a job after your course?

There are many variables at play when job searching, and many are out of our control. Due to this, I cannot guarantee that any advice, information, or training I provide will guarantee that gain employment. I will, however, share everything I can to set you on the right path.

What if course does not meet my needs?

Your satisfaction in this course and the skills you will learn is of the utmost importance to me. And although I am confident that you will find great value with the content and service in the course, I do of course offer a 30-day money-back-guarantee.